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enum RenderingIntent: int;

Rendering intent is a concept defined by ICC Spec ICC.1:1998-09, "File Format for Color Profiles". ImageMagick uses RenderingIntent in order to support ICC Color Profiles.

From the specification: "Rendering intent specifies the style of reproduction to be used during the evaluation of this profile in a sequence of profiles. It applies specifically to that profile in the sequence and not to the entire sequence. Typically, the user or application will set the rendering intent dynamically at runtime or embedding time."


No intent has been specified.


A rendering intent that specifies the saturation of the pixels in the image is preserved perhaps at the expense of accuracy in hue and lightness.


A rendering intent that specifies the full gamut of the image is compressed or expanded to fill the gamut of the destination device. Gray balance is preserved but colorimetric accuracy might not be preserved.


Absolute colorimetric.


Relative colorimetric.