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zlib (See accompanying LICENSE file)

Mike Wey

class ColorCMYK: dmagick.Color.Color;

The CMY(K) color model describes a color space with subtractive color composition as it is used for the color printing process, e.g. used by ink or laser printers. Each color is described by the color components cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y). The additional component black (K) is used for better gray and black reproduction.


This class doesn't use ICC or ICM profiles for the converson of CMYK to RGB.


this(double cyan, double magenta, double yellow, double black);

Create a CMYK Color from the specified doubles.

void cyan(double cyan);
double cyan();

The value for cyan.

void magenta(double magenta);
double magenta();

The value for magenta.

void yellow(double yellow);
double yellow();

The value for yellow.

void black(double black);
double black();

The value for black.