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Classes that wrap the Imagemagick exception handling.

zlib (See accompanying LICENSE file)

Mike Wey

class DMagickException: object.Exception;

A base class for all exceptions thrown bij DMagick. The following Exceptions are derived from this class:

ResourceLimitException, TypeException, OptionException, DelegateException, MissingDelegateException, CorruptImageException, FileOpenException, BlobException, StreamException, CacheException, CoderException, FilterException, ModuleException, DrawException, ImageException, WandException, RandomException, XServerException, MonitorException, RegistryException, ConfigureException, PolicyException

static void throwException(ExceptionInfo* exception, string file = __FILE__, size_t line = __LINE__);

Throws an Exception or error matching the ExceptionInfo.

class DMagickError: object.Error;

A base class for all errors thrown bij DMagick. The following Errors are derived from this class:

ResourceLimitError, TypeError, OptionError, DelegateError, MissingDelegateError, CorruptImageError, FileOpenError, BlobError, StreamError, CacheError, CoderError, FilterError, ModuleError, DrawError, ImageError, WandError, RandomError, XServerError, MonitorError, RegistryError, ConfigureError, PolicyError

struct DMagickExceptionInfo;

This struct is used to wrap the ImageMagick exception handling. Needs dmd >= 2.053


CFunctionCall(param1, param2, DExceptionInfo());