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zlib (See accompanying LICENSE file)

Mike Wey

class ColorHSL: dmagick.Color.Color;

The HSL color model describes a color by using the three color components hue (H), saturation (S) and luminance (L). This color format is very popular for designing and editing (e.g. within graphics design tools) because it gives the user a good impression about the resulting color for a certain color value: Hue defines the pure color tone out of the color spectrum, saturation defines the mixture of the color tone with gray and finally luminance defines the lightness of the resulting color.


this(double hue, double saturation, double luminance, double opacity = 0);

Create a Color from the specified doubles.

this(string color);

Create a Color from a X11 color specification string

void hue(double hue);
double hue();

The value for hue as a an angle between 0 and 360 degrees.

void saturation(double saturation);
double saturation();

The value the saturation as a double in the range [0.0 .. 1.0]

void luminance(double luminance);
double luminance();

The value for the luminance as a double in the range [0.0 .. 1.0]