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zlib (See accompanying LICENSE file)

Mike Wey

CoderInfo[] coderInfoList(MatchType readable, MatchType writable, MatchType multiFrame);

This provides information about the image formats supported by Imagemagick. The MatchType determines if a coder should be returned in the array. MatchType.Any matches both MatchType.True and MatchType.True.


MatchType readable Does the coder need to provide read support.
MatchType writable Does the coder need to provide write support.
MatchType multiFrame Does the coder need to provide multi frame support.

struct CoderInfo;

CoderInfo provides the means to get information regarding ImageMagick support for an image format (designated by a magick string). It may be used to provide information for a specific named format (provided as an argument to the constructor).

string name;

Format name. (e.g. "GIF")

string description;

Format description. (e.g. "CompuServe graphics interchange format")

bool readable;

Format is readable.

bool writable;

Format is writable.

bool supportsMultiFrame;

Format supports multiple frames.

this(string format);

Construct object corresponding to named format. (e.g. "GIF")

enum MatchType: int;


Don't care.




Doesn't match.